Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

If you experience an event where you feel threatened, overwhelmed, unable to cope or unable to escape you can be traumatised and experience the symptoms of PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; the brain does not process the memory well so you may not remember it clearly.

Implicit memories remain in the subconscious;  when these memories are triggered the emotions impulses and bodily sensations seem to come out of nowhere.

How the body and mind reacts to trauma is about survival, experiencing intense emotions can lead to dissociation; large gaps in memory and a feeling of being disorientated, feeling outside yourself, depersonalisation.

If you have experienced something frightening your brain ‘learns’ from the experience and so if anything even remotely similar happens again you may react as if there is a similar threat to life or safely. You could become hyper-vigilant; moving easily towards agitation, panic, anger and violence. You could re-experience terrifying feelings and images or flashbacks. Flashbacks are very distressing because the original experience was not processed and organised in a logical time sequence in the brain so it feels as if the memory or experience is happening in the present moment, which is why it feels so overwhelming.

Many people have experienced a form of PTSD caused by the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Lifespan Integration is a gentle therapy which works on the mind/body system, healing without re -traumatising, running back to an emotionally laden memory or a memory which has not been properly processed and integrating it into memory which allows perspective and an understanding that time has passed and the event is no longer happening and the danger has passed.

I am a Level II trained practitioner in Lifespan Integration and a PICT Practitioner, (Parks Inner Child Therapy); I am trained to help people to overcome anxiety, trauma, and the ongoing effects of childhood neglect or inadequate parenting. I trained as a therapist with the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy ; a highly successful organisation of analytical therapists established in 1985 (previously IAPH). Members of the IAEBP are bound by a code of practice and ethics and all members have satisfied the Examination Board of the Association of their knowledge and competence. I am a member of the National Counselling Society.

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