Parks Innner Child Therapy: Psychotherapy for trauma and abuse

Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT) was devised by Penny Parks as an effective way of working with clients who have experienced trauma and abuse. Although originally devised over 30 years ago this therapy model has evolved and is recognised to be one of the most effective ways of resolving symptoms of childhood abuse.


PICT (Parks Inner Child Therapy ). PICT helps people overcome experiences of trauma and childhood abuse. The process will change the way you perceive these events and it eliminates feelings of self blame, guilt, isolation, and anxiety which can affect your self image in the present.

Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT) creates lasting change rapidly and gently and you will see big difference in a short time. If you have experienced any form of abuse, on a spectrum from emotional abuse and neglect to serious long term sexual abuse, this gentle empathic process can help you. PICT is a structured method of changing perspectives about experiences which people often find painful and too difficult to talk about. PICT addresses the effects of traumatic and abusive events rather than focussing on the experience. Clients don’t have to talk about anything difficult but they will think differently about traumatic and abusive experiences and feel differently about themselves once therapy is completed.

Parks Inner Child Therapy enables people to move forward and live life free from old ways of thinking and mistaken beliefs about themselves.

Although PICT was originally created to specifically help people to recover from the trauma and damage of emotional physical and sexual abuse PICTis equally effective in resolving a wide range of problems which originate in emotionally driven belief systems. PICT therapy will help you to become the person you were always meant to be.

I have been going to see Melanie for the past 6 months regarding issues from my past. These issues have been in control of me for most of my adult life but thanks to Melanie with her welcoming and cohesive approach they no longer do. It is me who has taken control of them, putting them in the place they really belong…in the past!!!

T R Ipswich (Client testimonial)

The difference Melanie has made to my wife’s life has been fantastic. Pict is a great life tool but it still needs to be applied in the best way and Melanie does this to great effect. Regardless of whether you have problems in life or are relatively content everybody can take something from this!

T R Ipswich (Client testimonial)

How does PICT work?

PICT therapy is based on the premise that that any problem which exists in our adult, reasoning, ‘conscious’ mind that can’t be reasoned out and solved with new information( e.g. cognitive based therapy), must exist in the emotional part of the brain, the subconscious. These subconscious beliefs can operate in daily life without our being aware of them and therefore influence our experiences in the present.

The core beliefs we have about ourselves, our identity, about others and about the world in general, are learned during childhood; PICT gently changes how we think about past experiences NOW – in the present – so we can change how we see ourselves and others and the world and consequently leave these core beliefs behind.

The new way of seeing ouselves is effortless and clear and does not require constant checking and thinking to maintain

Children accept blame easily; their greatest fear is that they will lose the love and protection of the people who are responsible for their safety, their parents or carers so they will always believe that anything difficult or painful which is happening to them must be their own fault. The thought that the people who should look after them are dangerous or inadequate is too frightening to contemplate and so children will always see themselves as the ones at fault. This leads to the core beliefs ‘I am bad’, ‘it is all my fault’, ‘I am responsible for all this trouble’and many many more!. In reality it is the dysfunctional adults who have created these beliefs by not giving a child the love and care and support needed to be able to live and grow up happy and free from worry

Quite often people find that working hard to change themselves and overcome problems doesn’t always have the results they would like; they still feel the same way even though they want to behave differently. PICT changes core beliefs about identity, about who we are.

PICT works simultaneously by changing conscious awareness and knowledge and at the same time changing subconscious core emotional beliefs about identity which are often driving the unwanted behaviours and feelings. This gentle form of psychotherapy enables clients to gain insight and perspective about themselves and their experiences which means they can move forwards seeing things differently.

PICT has a very flexible structure which can be adapted to suit the individual needs of each client; everyone is different. It offers measurable results and greatly reduces the time necessary to achieve lasting change compared to some other forms of therapy.

Some of the symptoms of abuse are listed below


  • Lack of confidence and low self esteem

  • Strong feelings of inadequacy

  • Sexual Dysfunction

  • Fears and Phobias

  • Panic Attacks

  • Anxiety

  • Food drug and alcohol abuse

  • Self Harm

  • Suicide

  • Depression

  • Inability to trust

  • High risk taking or inability to take any risks

  • Memory blanks and dissociation

  • Low emotional control or over controlling emotions

  • Inability to take physical care of self

  • Flashbacks and sleep disturbance

I can help you to overcome these symptoms, please do come to see me for an Initial Consultation where I can explain more about how I can help;

(The above info is adapted from the main PICT website and used with kind permission of Penny Parks)

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I am a Level II trained practitioner in Lifespan Integration and a PICT Practitioner, (Parks Inner Child Therapy); I am trained to help people to overcome anxiety, trauma, and the ongoing effects of childhood neglect or inadequate parenting. I trained as a therapist with the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy ; a highly successful organisation of analytical therapists established in 1985 (previously IAPH). Members of the IAEBP are bound by a code of practice and ethics and all members have satisfied the Examination Board of the Association of their knowledge and competence. I am a member of the National Counselling Society.

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