OCD and Repetitive Habits

Obsessive symptoms and behaviours are often called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

If you have OCD you will focus with great concentration on a specific activity. You could repeat this over and over again and you may also find yourself thinking about something to the exclusion of everything going on around you. You may find you have to do things a certain way to prevent something ’bad’ happening to people you care about. You might always drive a particular route and become uncomfortable or distressed if this is interrupted. You might carry out tasks in a particular order for example: switching off lights, washing hands, constantly checking home security in a particular way. You may find yourself running through lists of facts or processes connected to work. However none of these actions makes you feel any relief and the underlying anxiety is still there. You will not feel that anything has been accomplished which is why the actions are constantly repeated.

You will feel worse if you are going through a more stressful time at the moment. You could find yourself hiding your obsessional behaviour from your family, friends and colleagues because you are afraid that they will criticise you or laugh about your behaviour. You will feel worse and worse if you worry about this, lowering your self esteem and setting off another cycle of obsessional symptoms.

Here are some common obsessive symptoms:

  • Problems with food, controlling thoughts about food, avoiding certain foods, anorexia

  • Constant worrying thoughts, going over something again and again, intrusive thoughts

  • Problems with sleep.

  • Jealousy, paranoia, worrying that your partner is cheating on you.

  • Excessive exercise.

  • Excessive cleaning or housework.

  • Constant hand washing, over-attention to hygiene.

  • Rituals, always doing things in the same order, feeling you ‘have to’ finish doing something before you can move on, for example always reading every line of instructions or all the information on a book jacket or food label.

In June last year I began to have issues about going into school, these issues then escalated into the fear of going anywhere other than home, because of this I was forced to leave school as I still could not return in September to start the new year. This left me feeling down and frustrated because I just wanted to be my ‘normal’ self and my entire life came to a standstilll.

In October my mum was searching on the internet for treatments or people that could help me and she found Melanie’s website, I had a look through it and read what people had said and decided I wanted to go to the consultation and see if she could help me. It was very difficult for me to even go into her office but she was very friendly and made me feel at ease.

The programme has helped me to completely get rid of the rituals I was doing for years before I went to see Melanie, I have always had slight OCD but this was made worse by the stress and anxiety, getting rid of these, Melanie made me less stressed and feel overall much more relaxed and in control of my own thoughts and feelings. I feel happier and more upbeat about being able to get back to ‘normal’, I have made very positive steps towards this goal. I will be continuing to put the lessons into practice in order to get there and I know Melanie is there to help me if I need it.

Thank you for helping me.

G.U. Ipswich (Agoraphobia, anxiety and low self esteem)

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