Lifespan Integration

Lifespan Integration is a gentle therapy which works on the mind/body system; healing without re-traumatising. It works faster than conventional therapies, enabling rapid healing from a range of therapeutic issues including; anxiety in all its many forms, problems in relationships, eating disorders, OCD, compulsive habits, anger, fears and phobias, PTSD following a traumatic event, childhood abuse or neglect and poor parenting.

The human mind develops in response to the environment of early childhood. Small children develop many different ‘selves’ or ways of being in order to deal with the different circumstances and people they encounter. During normal development these different ways of being connect as the child grows older and becomes a coherent integrated personality.

When children grow up in hostile environments, or in circumstances of trauma and neglect they do not develop coherent personalities where all their self-states or different ways of being become integrated. They develop strategies to stop themselves from being emotionally triggered. These defence mechanisms or strategies continue to work into adulthood and cause problems in everyday life. When as adults they experience something which results in feelings in the present which are similar to those they experienced in childhood, neural connections are made to the past memories and the defence mechanism kicks in.

Lifespan Integration helps people connect current negative feelings and dysfunctional behavior patterns with the past experiences that led to these feelings and ways of behaving. After connecting this information to emotional memories held in the present at a deep level in the emotional brain, the neural system resets in a way which is more appropriate for an adult.

Information and facts to which the adult has access can be integrated with images and emotional memories in a way which gives perspective and a new understanding. The old response is not necessary any more.

Clients report that they feel better about life, they are more able to enjoy close relationships, anxiety and other symptoms are diminished.

How does it work?

In Lifespan Integration we run back to an emotionally laden memory to hook into the relevant neural circuitry. The way to be freed from the emotional pain attached to a memory is to move quickly through the memories in the timeline as they come up.

The memories are viewed in rapid succession without time for discussion. The mind body system follows the memories through time in an effort to connect implicit memories to the actual events from which they stem.

We use the brain’s natural ability to rewrite and reconnect in new ways (neuroplasticity) and people find themselves spontaneously reacting to everyday situations which would previously been problematic in new, more age-appropriate and healthy ways.

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I am a Level II trained practitioner in Lifespan Integration and a PICT Practitioner, (Parks Inner Child Therapy); I am trained to help people to overcome anxiety, trauma, and the ongoing effects of childhood neglect or inadequate parenting. I trained as a therapist with the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy ; a highly successful organisation of analytical therapists established in 1985 (previously IAPH). Members of the IAEBP are bound by a code of practice and ethics and all members have satisfied the Examination Board of the Association of their knowledge and competence. I am a member of the National Counselling Society.

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