Feeling hopeless, down, negative, depressed?

Deppressed%20personEveryone feels low from time to time, however if you find it hard to ever feel better you could be suffering from feelings of depression. If you feel that you are in a state of permanent unhappiness and you are feeling tired, hopeless, listless, in despair or you have generally lost interest in everything. Depression happens when you feel powerless and you have a tendency to brood and overthink.

What other symptoms of depression can develop?

You could find that these feelings are triggered by unemployement, divorce, bereavement or illness but it is always because we feel powerless to make changes that depression takes hold. I can help you to change the way you think about the situation which triggered your feelings you will be able to start the process of recovery.

Sometimes there is an underlying cause for your negative, hopeless feelings which originated in your childhood. Children block out painful experiences and strong emotions as they can’t cope with them. The strong emotions will still cause you distress even if you are not aware of them.

A course of gentle therapy can allow you to process events or experiences from the past which will allow you to see the event with an adult perspective and put it into context.

I was just reading a magazine the kids brought home from school and saw your advert, which reminded me that I have not been in touch since we last met. Life is good especially with the family, I have very few angry outbursts and if I do I never beat myself up about them. I’m much happier & confident within myself and in relationships with others. If I ever start to think unhelpfully I can detect it and put myself back on the right path… I finally stopped taking antidepressants in may and am never going back on them, I have lost 10lbs since i stopped them and feel great and more comfortable in clothes.

My next goal is stopping smoking and I will be in touch soon for your help.

Anyway enough about me, I hope you are well and thank you for your help.

S P Ipswich (Anxiety and Depression)

I was given Melanie’s name by a relative, who lives in the South. I wasn’t very sure that anyone could help me, as I was extremely unhappy and had been on anti depressants for 3 years, I had no self esteem and I hated myself as to what I had become.

It took me around about a month to pluck up courage to make an appointment to see Melanie. I had sent her some emails and I had got nice replies. I went to see her on my way down to ……on the 4th August 2012. Melanie put me at rest straight away. From that day I have grown and grown and slowly I am developing into my own person. Melanie has given me some tools for the rest of my life. It has been hard, as my husband, mother, sister are all bullies as well as a people in my work place.

Melanie hears what her clients are saying to her. She has time to listen and go over things. She helps with problems which are outside the her client and gives help to solve that problem.

I have around six stone in weight to loose and I have got the tools to get rid and be this lovely slim lady in this gorgeous dress…..I would like to also say to Melanie, a very big thank you for getting me off my 3 anti depressants and getting me to understand that I am my own person and no one has the right to bully me or to run my life….

Thank you Melanie I am beginning to be me. You don’t know what it means to have had the pleasure of being a client of yours THANK YOU. I hope that we will stay in touch.

Paula, Saxmundham (Depression and low self esteem)

Melanie Collings, can help you if you are feeling down, feeling low, feeling negative or feeling depressed in Wetherden near Stowmarket, Mid Suffolk. In easy reach of: Ipswich, Woodbridge, Colchester, Wickham Market, Felixstowe, Framlingham, Lowestoft, Sudbury, Stowmarket, Needham Market, Martlesham, Wetherden, Elmswell, Woolpit, Thurston, Bury St Edmunds.

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I am a Level II trained practitioner in Lifespan Integration and a PICT Practitioner, (Parks Inner Child Therapy); I am trained to help people to overcome anxiety, trauma, and the ongoing effects of childhood neglect or inadequate parenting. I trained as a therapist with the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy ; a highly successful organisation of analytical therapists established in 1985 (previously IAPH). Members of the IAEBP are bound by a code of practice and ethics and all members have satisfied the Examination Board of the Association of their knowledge and competence. I am a member of the National Counselling Society.

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