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Children are as likely to experience anxiety as adults. Teenagers are probably more likely to experience stress and anxiety than adults! Anxiety and stress can affect children and teenagers even when they live in a loving home.

Anxiety is a normal response to danger whether real or imagined; when a child experiences any threat to safety and security or often just a change in scholl from primary school to high school can trigger huge anxiety.

Children can feel extremely anxious if they have experienced a loss of self control, self esteem or self belief, particularly when this happens for the first time.

If a child’s anxiety has a specific cause this can develop into a fear.If the fear becomes more powerful it can interfere with everyday life become a phobia. If a fear or phobia overwhelms a child’s he or she could start to panic. There will be a release of adrenalin which causes unpleasant physical symptoms, which feed the panic and start a loop of symptoms and panic reaction to them. If a child’s anxiety and fear are not treated because you hope that he or she will grow out of it, it will become more difficult to treat.

Children can be helped to overcome anxiety and many symptoms which result from this using hypnosis in a ‘Blowaway’. Children are usually very interested in trying new experiences and new ways of being in charge of their bodies and regaining a sense of control and they are usually really happy to be hypnotised.

Individal treatment plan for each child

I help children from the age of about 5 years old. I will make a plan which is tailored to your child’s own needs, to resolve his or her problem.

Before the consultation

I like to have a short initial consultation (free of charge) or a detailed telephone conversation with you before I meet you both, so that I have as much information as I need to put together a treatment plan. In most cases one session will be enough to make a difference although improvement may take a few days or a couple of weeks to show.

When we meet

When we all meet I will spend a little time getting to know your child but we will not talk directly about the problem or symptoms. I will help your child to feel completely at ease with me; I will not want to cause any distress by asking them to describe something they would rather not talk about.

I will use relaxation and some gentle hypnosis so that your child (and you as an observer) will have a relaxing experience; focussing on boosting self esteem and lots of positive suggestions to counteract the symptoms. The hypnosis will include a ‘Blowaway’ which allows the child to let go of negative experiences and the unwanted emotions which are causing the anxiety or symptoms.

Symptoms which can be helped with the Blowaway include:

  • Problems with school, fear of going to school, exam nerves

  • Difficulty with friends, shyness,

  • Behavioural problems, anger, aggression, tantrums

  • General anxiety, phobias and fears, stuttering, bedwetting, fear of using a toilet

  • Sleep problems, insomnia, nightmares

  • Hair pulling, teeth grinding, blushing, nail biting

Doing the best thing for our children is always important to parents. Hypnotherapy can allow children to overcome emotions which they don’t yet know how to cope with and move on to become happy confident teenagers and adults.

Young children must be accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult. However I will be focussing on your child and he or she will have all my attention.

I have an Enhanced DBS Certificate

Older children

Older children and teenagers respond really well to a few sessions helping them change their way of thinking. Changing negative, limiting or mistaken belief systems is very effective in boosting self confidence, self esteem and helping children overcome shyness.

Belief Systems drive how we see ourselves

I will gently help young people to understand any negative, limiting or mistaken belief systems they hold about themselves and help your child get the most out of their lives and to be happy, healthy and successful at school and in whatever they choose to do.

Work on belief systems teaches children (and adults) to control their thoughts, emotions and reactions to outside events and difficult situations and to understand habits and unhelpful ways of thinking which are making things difficult. I can help children and teenagers to overcome anxiety, depression, phobias, in fact, any way of thinking which is holding them back from living the life they want and being the person they want to be – fulfilling their potential.


My son has had a fear of dogs for most of his life and it was starting to effect his life in a lot of ways. Even to the point that he wouldn’t go near a dog. If one was coming towards him off its lead he would just run across a road with out even thinking or looking for traffic.

As a teenager this was starting to get us as his parents down. Worrying what would happen when he was out with his friends. Then whist talking to a friend one day she recommend we contact Melanie So we did and everything change completely after just one session we had a completely changed son. We now have a dog ourselves which we never in a million years thought would ever happen.

The help that Melanie gave are son is immeasurable and we can not thank her enough as a family (dog included). I would say to anyone who is suffering or has issues with anything to contacted Melanie because its the best thing we ever done thank you so much.

P & H Ipswich (fear of dogs)

In June last year I began to have issues about going into school, these issues then escalated into the fear of going anywhere other than home, because of this I was forced to leave school as I still could not return in September to start the new year. This left me feeling down and frustrated because I just wanted to be my ‘normal’ self and my entire life came to a standstilll.

In October my mum was searching on the internet for treatments or people that could help me and she found Melanie’s website, I had a look through it and read what people had said and decided I wanted to go to the consultation and see if she could help me. It was very difficult for me to even go into her office but she was very friendly and made me feel at ease.

The programme has helped me to completely get rid of the rituals I was doing for years before I went to see Melanie, I have always had slight OCD but this was made worse by the stress and anxiety, getting rid of these, Melanie made me less stressed and feel overall much more relaxed and in control of my own thoughts and feelings. I feel happier and more upbeat about being able to get back to ‘normal’, I have made very positive steps towards this goal. I will be continuing to put the lessons into practice in order to get there and I know Melanie is there to help me if I need it.

Thank you for helping me.

G.U. Ipswich (Agoraphobia, anxiety and low self esteem)

I started High School last year and despite my worrying all last summer, I’m really enjoying it!

I love all my teachers and I have so many favourite lessons its unbelievable!

Thanks to you our way of thinking has completely changed; Mum Dad and me have been a lot more positive. We are still doing the marbles …

Thank you for all the help you gave me and my parents last summer. It’s really changed me as a person. I’m ever so grateful, now I can enjoy life more. On behalf of me, Mum and Dad, Thank you!

G.H., Suffolk, Aged 11 (Anxiety about new school)

My name is Lucy, I’m 14 years old. My mum took me to see Melanie as I was constantly feeling depressed, lonely and unhappy. Melanie has re-trained my whole way of thinking, which has made me realise the reality in events and experiences, other than letting my inner voice take over. This has now caused me to continuously feel happy, relaxed and confident. This will last a lifetime. Melanie has also given me and my mother a book, full of helpful advice and guidance as well as fascinating information which will help me for the rest of my life, so I never go back into my old way of thinking. Anyone who feels the way I felt must see Melanie. She is very experienced, professional, approachable, warm and understanding. You will be happy to talk to her about everything as she is the nicest lady and she will change your life around.

Lucy, Ipswich (Helping older children gain confidence)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you ! Lucy is back to the lovely and fun Lucy again 🙂 Thank you for continuing to see us to help improve her confidence and self esteem ready to face any challenges life now brings her and to give her the skills, tools and guidance to help her live a fulfilled and happy life. All your hard work, care and help is very much appreciated by us both. We will of course continue to help ourselves as well as the constant positive work as required.

Lucy’s Mum (Helping older children gain confidence)

Melanie Collings can help children with anxiety using the ‘Blowaway’ technique,hypnosis and hypnotherapy and changing mistaken belief systems in Ipswich and Wetherden near Stowmarket, Suffolk. In easy reach of: Ipswich, Woodbridge, Colchester, Wickham Market, Felixstowe, Framlingham, Lowestoft, Sudbury, Stowmarket, Needham Market, Martlesham, Wetherden, Elmswell, Woolpit, Thurston, Bury St Edmunds.


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I am a Level II trained practitioner in Lifespan Integration and a PICT Practitioner, (Parks Inner Child Therapy); I am trained to help people to overcome anxiety, trauma, and the ongoing effects of childhood neglect or inadequate parenting. I trained as a therapist with the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy ; a highly successful organisation of analytical therapists established in 1985 (previously IAPH). Members of the IAEBP are bound by a code of practice and ethics and all members have satisfied the Examination Board of the Association of their knowledge and competence. I am a member of the National Counselling Society.

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